March 23, 2024

The Power of Bija Mantras

There are certain sound vibrations that can induce profound transformational growth on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Known as bija mantras - seed syllables which distill the energy of whole mantras - bija means "seed", with these sounds believed to be amongst the purest forms of sounds found throughout nature; often without direct translation but instead representing deities, energies elements or even cosmos itself as seeds within their essence or seed-forms.

Each chakra has an associated bija mantra which can activate and increase its vitality and latent power, while each element (earth, water, fire, air and space) also corresponds with one: for instance the earth mantra sham is associated with grounding, stability and health while water mantra om is used to channel emotions, relationships and creativity.

AUM is the cornerstone of all bija mantras as it contains all other sounds of creation in its sacred seed sound form. AUM represents divine essence of sattva, raja and tama components in our universe and can be chanted alone or as part of longer mantras.

Chanting AUM at any point throughout the day is an effective way to promote concentration and mindfulness, especially during times of high anxiety or when one wishes to enter meditation. Chanting it while sitting comfortably, with straight backbone and relaxed shoulders, eyes closed, focusing attention on small strip located above eyebrows is ideal for effective practice of AUM meditation.


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