April 16, 2023

The NCS Provided Incidence and Extensive Data on Which Two Types of Compensation Benefits?

the ncs provided incidence and extensive data on which two types of compensation benefits

What are reference points against which jobs within a company are judged?

One of the major programs of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is to collect wage and compensation data. It also produces a wide range of other economic data, including household income.

Household income is an economic measure that can be applied to one family or to a large group such as a city or a county. It is used by companies and governments to track a household's financial status or to monitor economic trends.

The National Compensation Survey – This BLS survey provides comprehensive measures of occupational earnings; compensation cost trends, benefit incidence and detailed plan provisions. It is used to adjust the federal wage schedule for all federal employees.

Detailed occupational earnings are available for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, broad geographic regions, and on a national basis. The NCS also provides the Employment Cost Index and Employer Costs for Employee Compensation.

Mental disorders and comorbidity

To examine the prevalence, correlates, and patterns of service use for DSM-V mental disorders among US adolescents, we conducted a national cross-sectional survey. The NCS-A used a modified version of the World Health Organization’s Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI). This interview, adapted for children and adolescents, includes assessments of four broad classes of DSM-V disorders: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, behavior disorders, and substance disorders. Additional sections assessed risk and protective factors and barriers to service use. The interviews were administered to a sample of adolescent males and females in school or in the household. The average interview length was two and a half hours, with variation in response time depending on the number of disorder sections completed by the respondent.


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