March 11, 2024

The Mystical Power of a Sri Yantra

Sri yantras are highly revered symbols of spiritual energy used for centuries in yoga, meditation and other religious practices such as religious practices involving Buddhism or other eastern religious traditions. People believe they help bring positivity, wealth and prosperity into their lives through its powerful design and mystic powers; their intricate geometric patterns also aid individuals to focus their minds into meditative states more quickly.

Sri yantras, commonly referred to as bindus, are thought to be the source of all matter and energy in the universe, marking where masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies come together at their meeting point. Many regard them as simplified yin-yang symbols where these energies co-exist perfectly balanced.

Every yantra has its own symbolic language to convey a specific message; circles, triangles and lotus petals carry special significance for contemplation of any given yantra. By considering one, one hopes to rediscover its primordial roots - symbolized by nine overlapping triangles representing how spirit transforms into matter and back again - within itself.

The outer circle of sixteen lotus petals represents the ten organs of perception and five Vedic elements, as well as their associated deities and mantras, known as siddhis, to be meditated on. Meanwhile, its inner circuit of ten triangles symbolizes one's digestive fire while also believed to contain Divine Feminine Goddess Tripura Sundari who can be reached via yoga practice.


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