March 11, 2024

The Importance of Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is an integral component of overall health that should not be underestimated. Just as exercise and eating right are vital in taking care of our physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing provides mental wellbeing by connecting us to something bigger than ourselves; providing meaning and purpose while simultaneously offering inner peace - providing essential benefits during times of stress or grief.

One participant defined spiritual health as: "the state of internal harmony that results from intentional self-development that aligns with expressed and experienced meaning, purpose and values at an Individual level. This definition relies on four domains which can easily be discussed with patients."

Spiritual wellness can help people to remain more optimistic in the face of illness, disease and death. Achieve this requires focusing on one's beliefs and values or connecting with their community through religious practice; for others this means practicing service or taking quiet time alone each day that brings inner peace. Volunteer activities, meditation, reading inspirational books or articles, singing/dancing/playing musical instrument/playing instrument practice sessions (and even attending religious services and prayer groups can support spiritual wellbeing).


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