September 12, 2023

The Healing Properties of Smoking Butterfly Pea Flower

Butterfly pea flower, also known as Clitoria ternatea or Blue Cypress, is a vibrantly colored herb with many healing properties. It's used as a stress-reliever, an eye-healthy tea, a natural food colorant and more! This herb is rich in protective antioxidants. It's also a popular alternative to artificial food coloring due to its safe and natural coloration (1).

Traditionally, this plant was used to help alleviate respiratory issues like asthma and rheumatism. A decoction prepared from the entire plant possesses tranquilizing actions, while a powder made from its seeds is employed for massaging inflamed joints. It can also be consumed in the form of a gargle to treat sore throats. A liquid extracted from the petals of this plant is also utilized for curing skin and liver disorders, indigestion and constipation. The juice obtained from the leaves of this plant is a potent coolant and can be used to check excessive sweating.

A butterfly pea tea can help reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar and support immune function. It's also believed to help encourage hair growth, reduce premature graying and promote a healthy scalp. The flowers and extracts of this plant are often added to hair products as it's believed to stimulate the flow of blood to the follicles, resulting in healthy, fuller strands.

Butterfly pea tea can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with hibiscus, rose or beet powder to make a purple tea. The flavor of this herbal infusion isn't very strong, so it's best to pair it with a stronger tasting tea or a sweetener for a more balanced beverage.


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