January 23, 2024

The Green and Yellow Aura

green and yellow aura

Green aura people often have an open heart chakra which radiates with unconditional love for Mother Earth, humanity and plants alike, as well as compassion and empathy towards those in need. Individuals with green auras tend to be loyal partners and loyal friends - they adore their family, home and are very focused in life.

A person's aura color is determined by its different layers, which include physical, etheric template, emotional, astral, and celestial auras. Each layer reflects different aspects of human energy fields.

An aura with rich and clear green hues indicates a kind and compassionate soul who prioritizes friendships and family while taking great delight in nature. They find connecting easily to others effortless while working effectively as part of a team.

Green aura people should take caution with some issues that arise from having such an aura, including trouble setting boundaries and taking on others' negative emotions, which may leave them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

If the green aura color changes to dark or muddy green, this signals jealousy and envy among individuals as well as signs of struggling self-love issues. Such individuals must reclaim their self-worth while learning how to listen without becoming defensive when receiving criticism, in addition to spending more time outdoors in nature in order to find balance and revitalization.


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