March 28, 2024

The Green and Yellow Aura

green and yellow aura

People with this aura color blend tend to be energetic and positive individuals with strong emotions of kindness and generosity. They can help others heal faster due to their natural communication abilities; often seen as "go-to" people for difficult situations due to this natural gift of communication. They're often creative people found working in musical or visual artistic fields.

People of this shade of green can become easily overwhelmed, so it is important to set healthy boundaries. Grounding techniques such as walking barefoot on grass or taking deep breaths of fresh air to balance energy may be useful in clearing their heart chakra and balancing their energies. They're great at finding peace through meditation or spending quiet time outdoors.

Individuals with green auras tend to be highly protective of those they care about and eager to lend assistance; thus, making them deeply devoted and loving partners in relationships. If their aura turns dark or murky, however, these individuals could find themselves sinking into jealousy, feeling victimized by others or taking criticism hard as it might feel like an attack against themselves and self-worth.

Green and yellow aura individuals tend to have strong connections with their heart chakra, yet need to remember self-care is important as well. Meditation, spending time in nature and practicing self-love and forgiveness may all be effective tools in keeping their heart open.


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