April 1, 2024

The Four Elements of the Sri Yantra

sri yantra

Sri yantras are believed to create a positive energy vortex, drawing abundance and prosperity into their realm. Representing Tripura Sundari as divine feminine energy, they contain her blessings and power - providing powerful tool for spiritual awakening and advancement.


The central bindu point of a Sri yantra represents the intersection between masculine and feminine energies. This point also serves as the "universe seat", in which all the dikpalas (guardians) reside. Five downward-pointing triangles represent Shakti while four upward-pointing ones symbolize Shiva; these combine into 43 triangles that surround its central bindu point to form what represents nine circles of cosmic consciousness or "swargloka."


The outer square in Sri Yantra symbolizes stability, representing earth in Vedic sacred geometry. It serves as the entranceway into its inner world while acting as protection from negative energy.


Concentrating on a yantra helps train the mind in visualization, an invaluable practice that can support health, meet goals, and create a peaceful state. In addition, many believe that by focusing on it like a battery charging it with energy it will later be utilized when needed most.


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