April 17, 2023

The Cast of Friends With Benefits Returns For a Second Season

the cast of friends with benefits

If you're a fan of the Friends with benefits series, you'll be delighted to know that NBC will bring it back for a second season. This time, it'll air Saturdays at 8/7.

The cast of the show includes Ryan Hansen, Danneel Harris, Jessica Lucas, Zach Cregger and Andre Holland. They play five single friends who each have a different love life and are all struggling to find the perfect match.

They’re each in a different stage of their lives and are trying to get over their past relationships and start new ones. But it turns out, despite all their best efforts, that their friendships don’t always help them.

One of the things that made the show so special was that it introduced a number of characters who were not traditionally portrayed as likable on TV. These people came from different backgrounds and cultures and they had different personalities, but they all shared the same goal: to make it through life with their friends.

It was also the first time that many of the actors were able to break into major television roles. For example, Janeane Garofalo was a regular on SNL during the period when Friends was on, but she would not have had the opportunity to make the transition into the lead role without the success of Friends.

The cast of the show is also littered with countless celebrity cameos, which makes it seem like they’re just having a fun time together. This is especially true in the recent Friends reunion special, which has been billed as the first time the actors have been on set together since the finale.


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