March 23, 2023

The Best Places to Practice Meditation

meditation beach

Meditation can help you relax, focus on the present moment, and improve memory. It can also reduce stress and boost your immune system. While you may be able to meditate anywhere, the beach is a great place to practice it because of its tranquil surroundings and relaxing vibe.

Yoga, meditation, and wellness resorts

Bali is one of the world’s leading destinations for meditation, with its lush beaches, vibrant culture, and amazing food. Join an immersive meditation retreat here, where you can indulge in daily sessions led by experienced experts and unwind with spa treatments ranging from traditional Thai massages to mani-pedis.

Cambodia’s Song Saa Island : Escape into this secluded island resort for five or seven-day spa retreats that promote mindfulness and embrace the natural environment. Personal meditation sessions are a core part of the retreats, which include yoga and fitness classes and unlimited spa treatments ranging from facials to bespoke mani-pedis.

Big Sur, California: Stretching for 90 miles along the Pacific coast, Big Sur is an excellent choice for a meditation retreat. Here, you can walk along the secluded beaches and parklands to clear your mind, or take a stroll within the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Ireland: A country full of charm, history, and beautiful scenery, Ireland is a top destination for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Whether you’re exploring the pubs of Dublin, shopping in Cork, or visiting the medieval city of Kilkenny, you’ll be blown away by this stunning destination’s friendly people and laid-back culture.


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