March 23, 2023

The Benefits of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

tibet meditation

Tibet is a place that holds many of the best spiritual traditions of the East. Among those traditions is the meditation practice known as Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

Various types of meditation are used in Tibetan Buddhism, including breathing meditation, visualization practices and loving-kindness. All of these can help you to achieve enlightenment, the highest possible state of mind.

Dzogchen, a meditation form from the lineage of the historical Buddha, is one of the most potent forms of meditation in Tibetan Buddhism. This meditation is rooted in compassion where the practitioner observes all mental phenomena without judging or suppressing them.

Self-visualization, a meditation form that re-imagines the self and others as fully benevolent beings, is another common practice. In these forms, meditators visualize themselves and others as fully benevolent beings with perfect plenitude and well-being, surrounded by a pure, golden light that fills the body and heart.

This kind of meditation instills a deep sense of compassion for all sentient beings. It also helps to dismantle the ego and habitual patterns that cause us to put ourselves above others.

The results from the studies of advanced meditators of Tibetan Buddhist meditation in remote regions of the Himalayas indicate improvements in sensory acuity, perceptual style and cognitive function. This is in accordance with the idea that regular meditation increases brain capacity and increases available mental potential.

Similarly, long-term meditators of the Transcendental Meditation technique show parallel levels of improvement. These include stabilization of aspects of attentional awareness, an important measurable aspect of mental development in Western psychology.


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