March 23, 2023

The Benefits of Standing Meditation

standing meditation

Standing meditation is a simple mindfulness practice that can greatly reduce stress, anxiety and even help improve your mental health. It focuses on breathing deeply and slowly, and aligning your body and mind while letting the energy flow through you.

Benefits of Standing Meditation

The most important benefits of practicing this form of meditation are its ability to release long held tension, strengthen your core muscles and connect you more closely with the acupuncture connection between emotions and the body’s internal organs. This allows the body to heal itself from any trauma it may be suffering from, as well as boosting your overall energy level and improving your mood.

How to do Standing Meditation

The first step in learning to stand meditate is to find a position that is comfortable and feels good. To achieve this you need to warm up your body. This can be done by performing simple motions such as stretching and moving your arms in different ways.

Once you have your posture down, focus on your breath and gently press up against the crown of your head as you do this. Initially you will feel restless in the pose, but as you continue to practice, you will notice that your body becomes more relaxed.

To get started with this form of meditation, it is best to start with a short period and work your way up to twenty minutes each day. This can be difficult, but it is recommended to begin with only five minutes a day and build up from there.


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