March 25, 2024

The Benefits of Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing, an ancient yogic practice, involves performing purifying and detoxifying rituals to dispel negative energy and allow positivity to take its course. There are various methods used for spiritual cleansing; each has its own purpose. According to Himalayan yogi Yashoda Devi Ma, "spiritual cleansing is about clearing away obstacles which prevent one from experiencing wholeness".

Spiritual cleansing can help clear away any negative energies that have been holding you back or impeding your ability to reach your full potential. It is also used to purge spaces, objects and people of unhealthy or draining energies from other people - something especially helpful for intuitive or empathic individuals as their bodies can pick up on other's energies and emotions and become draining over time.

Spiritual cleansing doesn't require belief in spirituality to practice it effectively and can be accomplished by anyone, no matter their beliefs. It is important that each cleansing practice be approached with an open mind, being aware of your thoughts, emotions and responses during and afterward.

Some common spiritual cleansing practices include taking a moon bath, burning sage and cleansing your space with water. Another option for spiritual cleansing would be writing down what you are grateful for in life as well as any outdated patterns, behaviors or relationships you would like to shed from your life - such as old patterns, behaviors or relationships which no longer serve you - then praying or mediating on that list before burning it so as to release any negative energy into the universe.


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