September 12, 2023

The Benefits of Smoking Chamomile

Most often consumed as a tea, chamomile is a popular herb most widely recognized for its anti-anxiety and sleep-promoting properties. In addition, chamomile is also said to offer anti-spasmodic and sedative benefits, alleviating stress and tension by relaxing the muscles. It is also believed to support a healthy digestive system by calming stomach spasms and supporting the healing of ulcers.

Although smoking chamomile is relatively harmless and has been used for centuries, inhaling smoke does pose risks to respiratory health and may cause adverse reactions in some individuals. Inhaling any form of plant smoke introduces particulate matter and irritants directly into the lungs, which can lead to respiratory issues and compromise lung function. Additionally, chamomile shares allergenic compounds with other members of the daisy family and may trigger allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to these plants.

Proponents of chamomile smoking claim that the gentle apple-like aroma of the flower provides an instant sense of relaxation and stress relief. Inhaling chamomile’s scent is like a caress for the mind, they argue, creating a space of calm in the midst of hectic lifestyles.

Despite these claims, there is little evidence that smoking chamomile has any real health benefits. Ultimately, it is likely that psychological factors—such as the placebo effect and expectations of the individual—play a significant role in perceived effects. It is therefore recommended that individuals explore alternative methods of consuming this herb such as brewing it as a tea or using it in herbal formulations.


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