April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Sanctification

benefits of sanctification

Benefits of Sanctification

One of the main benefits of sanctification is that it makes you love God and others the way they should be loved. This is the same kind of love that Christ showed us, and it is something that you can learn from His example.

God Sanctifies People for Redemptive Purposes

Scripture shows that God sanctifies (sets apart) certain individuals at specific times for a role in His redemptive program. This may include kings, priests, prophets, and missionaries from the gathered church.

This is a good thing, as it allows the Christian to fulfill their calling and serve the Lord in a unique way. It also gives them a reason to praise God and trust in Him.

Another way that sanctification benefits us is that it helps us overcome sin. When we are sanctified, we do not have to worry about sin anymore because the old nature of sin that made us slaves to sin is removed from our lives.

Getting Sanctified and Overcoming Sin

In order to become sanctified, you need to trust in Jesus and His work. You need to believe that He has forgiven your sins and accepted you into His family.

It is only by doing this that you can be sanctified and receive the Holy Spirit. Then, you will be able to live the Christian life and be a better person. You will also be able to serve the Lord and help people.


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