April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Removing Mercury Fillings

benefits of removing mercury fillings

Removing mercury fillings is safe and effective

Removal of silver amalgam (mercury) fillings is an excellent treatment option for patients who experience a wide range of symptoms caused by heavy metal toxicity, including tremors, dementia, autism, miscarriage, immune system dysfunction and other health problems. However, removing fillings requires careful attention to detail and proper safety procedures by an experienced dentist who is SMART-certified.

Using Cool Water Irrigation

Drilling out an amalgam filling generates a tremendous amount of heat, which causes significant amounts of mercury vapour to be released into the air. Keeping the filling cool with water spray substantially reduces the release of both mercury vapour and amalgam particles.


During the removal process, mercury-containing filling material is removed in large pieces to minimize potential exposure. This minimizes the potential for ingested or splattered particles to become embedded into soft tissue and to cause irritation to the patient’s mouth.

Efficient Air Filtration & Suctioning

Dental offices with adequate filtration in place can remove both mercury vapor and amalgam particles from the air, before, during and after the procedure. This powerful filtration is essential for our patients who are experiencing severe health symptoms due to heavy metal toxicity.

Physical Barriers

A rubber dam is used to isolate your teeth and prevent them from being exposed to mercury vapors during the removal of your fillings. This is particularly important for those with allergies to latex, a common component of the rubber dam.


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