April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Reciting the Names of Allah

benefits of allah names

The 99 Names of Allah offer many benefits.

Among these is the purity of one’s heart and soul that leads to closer proximity with Allah Almighty to seek His pleasure and satisfaction. Reciting these names is also an excellent way to combat enticements of the flesh that threaten to rob a person of inner peace and security.

The Most Forgiving

When a person sins, Allah forgives him repeatedly and continually if he repeats the name of Him who is the Most Forgiving. This is why reciting His name continually is considered to be the most effective means for one to wash away his sins.

The Guardian, the Watcher

He is the One who watches over His creations and is always aware of their actions. He is the One who gives Emaan and Security to His slaves.

The Elevator

Whoever recites this name 101 times a day and night will be elevated by Allah as far as honor, wealth, and merit are concerned.

The Guardian, the Watcher

Whoever recite this name 631 times to someone who is suffering from pain or agony will have it stay away.

The Elevator

Whoever recite this name 160 times to a sick person will help him recover from his illness and will be safe from calamities.

The Protector

Who recite this name 100 or 500 times without speaking on Thursday after the Fazer prayer will gain self-sufficiency and will acquire respect after humiliation.

The Watcher

Whoever recite this name 100 or 500 times on Thursday after the Fazer prayer will be protected from envious people who wish to harm him. He will also be granted the opportunity to earn great success against his enemies.


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