February 7, 2023

The Benefits of Quartz Crystals

benefits of quartz crystals

There’s a reason why crystals are one of the most popular stones on the market. They’re not just a pretty sparkly decoration to sit on your dresser, they are powerful healers when used with consciousness and clear intention.

Clear Quartz

Known for its ability to create a positive vibe, clear quartz has been credited with promoting overall health and enhancing the mind and soul. It will help alleviate headaches and migraines, improve your energy level, and enhance your psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz will also protect your home from negative energy and keep it safe for you and your family. It will also clear out any old or stagnant energies that may have been in the space before you.

Quartz can be programmed for any intention you have, whether it’s manifesting abundance, attracting your dream job, or just protecting yourself and your loved ones from harmful energies, according to spiritual teacher and meditation instructor Julie Skon.

Meditating with quartz is another way to work with it, as it will help you amplify your intentions. It’s important to note that it is incredibly impressionable, so you should always use clear quartz with specific intentions and with a lot of mindfulness.

Using quartz as jewelry is another great way to harness its power and benefits. When a piece of quartz is placed directly on your skin, it allows for maximum absorption and flow of energy throughout the body.

Quartz can also be shaped into sacred shapes, including Merkaba, Pyramid, Dorje, and others. They are a great way to channel spirit guides and open the heart chakra.


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