March 30, 2024

The Benefits of Natural Living

natural living

Natural living is an umbrella term, covering nutrition & health, alternative medicine, farming and eco-conciousness. It can look different for everyone depending on your personal circumstances and community - at its core however, natural living refers to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle with minimal environmental and human impacts.

Natural living revolves around eliminating toxic chemicals from food, products and cleaning supplies; supporting local businesses; eating seasonally; choosing organic foods whenever possible; prioritizing mental health and wellbeing; prioritizing mental wellness; prioritizing outdoor time in nature as much as possible and prioritizing mental wellbeing; prioritizing mental health and wellbeing and getting outside to connect with nature more. There are other advantages associated with this lifestyle too - see list.

Living naturally means ditching all traces of toxic materials from your daily routine - from food you consume and products you use, such as self-care products or clothing, etc. At first, this can seem intimidating when operating with limited funds; however, there are a few strategies to make starting easier. First and foremost is to identify which areas need improving before considering how best to tackle them and beginning eliminating bad things first. Baby steps is the key to attaining your goal of living an eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking your budget in the process. Research, planning and patience will get you there!


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