March 23, 2023

The Benefits of Nap Meditation

nap meditation

Nap meditation is a type of guided mindfulness practice designed to prepare your body and mind for a restful nap. It is similar to other meditation practices in that it helps you focus on your breathing and reduce stress from the body, which helps you to fall asleep.

The Post-Lunch Dip: Sleepiness in the afternoon is often linked to circadian rhythm, which is our internal clock that follows a 24-hour cycle. Many people feel a lag in energy after lunch, especially if they have a long day at work and don’t get enough sleep.

Practicing power naps during the midday can help you regain your mental and physical energy and boost your mood, confidence, and self-efficacy to pursue goals. Research shows that a 20-minute nap, called a power nap, can increase your cognition and energy levels.

It is important to take a nap at the right time and in the right place, so it doesn’t interfere with your regular sleeping schedule. For example, if you’re an evening shift worker, it is recommended to nap at least 1.5 hours before the shift begins, so that you don’t disrupt your sleep pattern at night.

Short and Sweet: Keep naps to no more than 20 minutes. Longer naps can make you more groggy and can interfere with your sleep at night.

Cozy Environment: It is a good idea to nap in a cool, quiet, and dark place. This can be your bedroom or a cozy chair.


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