April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Lunging a Horse

benefits of lunging a horse

Lunging a horse is great exercise and offers a number of benefits, from stretching to improving your horse's way of going. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when lunging your horse.

Firstly, you should make sure that you use a non-slip surface when lunging. This will help to prevent injury. Secondly, you should use a smaller area for your horse to lunge in. This will give you more control and ensure that they don't run off the lunge line or misbehave in any way.

Once you're confident with the basics of lunging, it's time to invest in some training aids. These can include lunge rollers, which will help to encourage your horse to work over their back and stretch forwards and down naturally.

Another useful tool is a trotting pole or cavaletti pole. These will work on the top line muscles, which will improve your horse's suppleness and enable him to better engage his hind leg during ridden work.

One of the most important elements in lunging is your voice. Using a tone and intonation that matches your paces will make it easier for your horse to understand what you're asking of them.

Body language is also key in lunging and can be very helpful for building your relationship with your horse. This can include changing your posture, lowering your head, and moving your arms to suit the pace you're lunging at.

If you can lunge your horse before riding, it will be more responsive, increase their fitness and build their trust in you. In addition, it will break up your routine and make your time with your horse more interesting.


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