April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Getting a Third Cat

benefits of getting a third cat

Getting a third cat can be a fun and rewarding experience for your pet. But you need to carefully consider a number of factors before taking the plunge.

Introducing a third cat to a house with two resident cats can be challenging. It is important to introduce the new cat to your existing felines gradually and without stress.

The introductory process is not an overnight deal, and your resident cats will either react to the new cat positively or negatively.

As the introduction progresses, make sure you reward the cats with affection and treats to ensure they get along. This will also help them establish a sense of belonging and security in the house.

Kittens are easier to introduce than older cats since they are less sensitive and have a smaller impact on the social ladder of your existing felines.

Adult cats are generally more territorial, so they may take a while to get used to your new kitten’s presence. This can lead to tension between the cats, which is why some experts recommend introducing kittens to older cats before adopting another one.

Your present pets are most likely very loyal to you and will try their best to accept your new cat. They are also more tolerant of other pets.

Having three cats means you will need to provide them with additional supplies, like more litter boxes and more toys. You will also have to provide more food, vet visits and extra care.


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