April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Fingertip Pushups

benefits of fingertip pushups

The Benefits of Fingertip Pushups

There are numerous benefits to fingertip pushups, including improved grip strength. The exercise works the same muscles as a conventional push-up, alongside the added benefit of forearm muscle recruitment.

Fingertip Push-ups train the chest and abdominals in an isometric manner, promoting greater core stability over time.

Unlike other push-up variations, finger push-ups create an extremely small point of contact by utilizing only the fingertips of the hands - this increases the amount of challenge for the stabilizing muscles of the body and non-muscular tissue as well.

The Exercise Is Extremely Risky and Dangerous

One wrong move with a fingertip push-up can lead to injury, including broken wrists and fingers or ruptured tendons. This is why it’s important to begin training with this variation slowly, taking care to develop your strength at a safe and gradual pace.

Improved Hand Conditioning

The main reason that finger push-ups are used by many martial artists is because they improve the overall function of the hands as a whole. This is accomplished by putting the hands under tension throughout each repetition, resulting in denser connective and osseous tissues as well as more robust palms.

While this exercise is not necessary for everyone, it is certainly worth a try if you’re serious about improving your grip strength. The exercise is incredibly difficult and requires rigorous conditioning of the forearm muscles, a task that’s best performed under the guidance of a professional trainer.


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