April 17, 2023

The Benefits of Electronic Pipettes for RT-PCR

the benefits of electronic pipettes for rtpcr

Electronic pipettes deliver more accurate, reproducible results

Accurate and efficient pipetting is essential in rt-pcr as it allows scientists to obtain high-quality DNA samples for their research. Errors from pipetting – both user errors and equipment failures – can reduce the accuracy of PCR experiments.

The correct pipetting technique can be challenging, especially when working with ever-decreasing sample sizes. In addition, prolonged pipetting can result in the development of repetitive stress injuries in lab workers.

Introducing an electronic pipette can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your rt-pcr experiments by providing greater control and efficiency in liquid handling. By eliminating the need for hand movements, electronic pipettes help reduce fatigue and RSI.

They are also more ergonomically-friendly than manual micropipettes, which may exacerbate symptoms of RSI. They feature a motorized piston that automatically controls movement to minimize user-to-operator variations and ensure precise volume control.

These types of pipettes typically come with multiple pipetting modes, including standard pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing and diluting, and multi-dispensing. They are often programmable and allow users to save their preferred settings, making them simple to recall for future use.

In addition, they usually include a memory for storing and recalling protocols. This makes them more scalable for different laboratories.

Electronic pipettes are often programmable and allow users to store and recall protocols, saving on tip usage and driving greater efficiency in experimental setup. They also dispense precisely the volumes programmed, which eliminates operator-to-operator variations and increases the reproducibility of data and results.


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