March 23, 2023

The Benefits of Circle Meditation

Circle Meditation

One of the best ways to practice mindfulness is in a group. These groups are often called meditation circles, and the focus is on sharing mindful practices.

Ideally, they meet once a week to support each other in living their mindfulness and to share about their meditation journeys. This type of group is also ideal for newcomers to meditation who need support and accountability.

How to set up a circle

The key to making a meditation circle work is finding a good time for everyone in the group to attend. This is important as it helps to build the momentum and consistency of the group. If someone is busy in their job or has young children they may not be able to come as often as you would like so it’s important to think about what works for you and who you want to include.

What you can do to prepare for your group

Depending on your meditation goals, there are several different types of activities that you can try in your group. One of the most popular is a walking meditation.

Another option is to create a labyrinth. You can find labyrinths at many local parks, and you can use the design as a way to help you enter into a more spacious meditation practice.

Using the labyrinth as a metaphor can also offer insight into how people enter and leave your life. It can bring to mind expectations and unpredictable tangents, or offer peace or unique new outlooks.


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