February 7, 2023

The Benefits of Blister Packaging

benefits of blister packaging

Blister packaging has many benefits, including improved security, freshness, ease of dosing, increased efficiency and compliance among consumers. They also help prevent pill count errors, which saves time and money for pharmacies.

Medications that are packaged in blister packs can be organized to fit the daily schedule of patients and can provide visual cues on when medications should be taken. This can be helpful for those with diabetes or any other medical condition that requires taking multiple medications at different times of the day.

Prescriptions that are pre-packaged in blister packs are less likely to be dispensed incorrectly, since they don't need to be counted out from a larger bottle and are easier to keep track of. This makes dispensing much more accurate and allows pharmacy staff to fill prescriptions quickly, which can lead to reduced wait times in the store.

Improved Adherence: By including printed dosing instructions on each dose, blister pack packaging encourages patient adherence. This may seem like an insignificant benefit, but it can lead to significant savings on healthcare costs over time.

Blister packs are typically made of thermoformed plastic or cold-form aluminum and feature a reliable seal, which helps to protect sensitive formulas from moisture and oxygen. They are also able to withstand a two-year shelf life and meet child resistance and senior friendly criteria. These features make them an excellent choice for pharmaceuticals, as well as other types of products that require high levels of product protection.


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