March 27, 2024

The Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga provides a strong framework for developing strength, flexibility, and mental clarity through its set series of postures. Repeating them helps calm the autonomic nervous system which regulates heart rate and breathing rate.

Yoga practice is a moving meditation coordinated with breath and gaze to provide physical self-massage. While the experience may be intense and sweaty at times, its transformative power cannot be understated. When practitioners become adept at linking their breath with movement and developing internal energy locks (bandhas), they can start unlocking doors to their mind and becoming more present in everyday life.

Ashtanga may not be ideal for beginners, but those willing to dedicate the necessary time may find it accessible. Finding a teacher who will guide your through poses at your own pace while making sure that learning and growing safely. Mysore classes tend to be uncluttered by distraction; teachers take students through each pose in the Primary Series one at a time; sun salutations sequences and closing chant are generally excluded from Mysore practice sessions. Students set their mat, towel or bolster in the center of the room where support from blankets or blocks as needed.

To reap maximum benefit from Ashtanga Yoga, try making it part of your regular schedule - six times each week at least. Set a dedicated time every day, and commit yourself. Let your family or household know this practice is an important part of your day; ask for their support.


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