March 15, 2024

The Benefits of Asana Yoga

Asana yoga refers to the practice of yogic postures or poses. Regular asana practice helps increase body strength and flexibility, increase blood circulation, improve cellular respiration, lower stress levels and help control breath and calm mind; additionally it may reduce abdominal fat while improving digestion and sleep patterns.

Yoga practice should focus not only on physical postures but also on inner awakening that results from the process of opening and exploring one's body. While this doesn't happen instantly, but can take years of regular practice to break through any layers of inertia in physical and energetic patterns that have built up over time. To accomplish this goal, the mind must learn to respond appropriately when confronted by fullness within ones' physicality in order to manage unruly and volatile energy sources.

Over time, asana siddhi (the ability to sit comfortably in any given position) can be reached. At that point, breathing becomes natural; no need for deeper than normal breaths - an indication of internalization whereby we stop using our senses, particularly sight, to experience the world around us and begin experiencing life with an open mind more open than ever.


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