April 16, 2023

The Benefits of AR Automation in Manufacturing

benefits of ar automation

Enhanced Productivity

AR is making it possible to increase productivity of workers by up to 30%. This means that they are able to create more items in less time. It also increases customer satisfaction because they are able to get their orders in more time.

Enhanced Safety

AR improves the level of safety in the workplace by alerting staff if there is a problem or unsafe situation present that could lead to an accident. It can warn employees of dangers like hot temperatures or dangerous pressure changes, which can save lives and property in the long run.

Reduction in Repair Downtime

Keeping equipment maintained and repaired efficiently is essential to minimize downtime that affects production schedules and throughput. AR can alert field technicians to a malfunctioning device, provide visual cues and help them to fix it quickly without having to travel to the site.

Reduced Repair Costs

Businesses in different industries are experimenting with AR to assist in preventing downtime and errors on the factory floor. For example, Leybold created an app that uses AR to display common repair issues on machinery and make them easily accessible for maintenance staff - it helps prevent downtimes and saves money on repairs.

Improved Training

With experienced personnel retiring, manufacturing companies face a skills gap that is difficult to address effectively. With AR, staff can complete training on shop floor tasks, rather than sitting in an unrealistic classroom environment that often results in poor retention and training outcomes.


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