April 16, 2023

The Benefits of Angel Aura Quartz

benefits of angel aura quartz

Angel aura quartz is a special kind of quartz that has had silver and/or platinum molecularly bonded to its surface. This process creates an iridescent sheen with sparkling areas of color that appear like the gossamer wings of a fairy or angel.

Angel Aura Quartz is a programmable crystal that works with all chakras and can be programmed to materialize your deepest desires and dreams. This uplifting crystal can help to boost your spiritual connection and promote love for others regardless of their beliefs.

It can also help to break bad habits and alleviate headaches. It is also an excellent tool for meditation and visualization.

This calming stone brings harmony to relationships and friendships, and cleanses a person of past karma. It can also help with romantic pursuits and care for the elderly.

Aura quartz is known for its iridescent sheen and rainbow colors that appear when the stone is angled or placed under light. It is a very beautiful stone to gaze at and meditate with.

Meditating with Angel Aura Quartz provides a calming and relaxing energy, which can be particularly helpful during long days of traveling or work. It can also be used during a difficult transition to bring light and joy into your life.

The rainbow sheen of this ethereal crystal is a reminder of the divine spark in our own lives. It can help us to transmute negative emotions into positive ones and encourage us to see the good in every situation.


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