April 16, 2023

The Benefits of 4-H

benefits of 4h

The Benefits of 4-h

When you are in 4-H, you are part of a community where you can learn about things that interest you and share them with others. You are also surrounded by caring adults who want to help you.

What you do in 4-H develops skills that will help you succeed throughout your life—whether it’s at home, on the job or with your friends. It helps you build a sense of confidence, compassion and connection with people who care about you and your future.

Whether you are in 4-H clubs, attend workshops or participate in camps, 4-H projects foster curiosity and inspire you to pursue your dreams. Projects are designed to be hands-on, so they make learning memorable and engaging.

4-H Clubs

In every county and parish, 4-H youth have the opportunity to join a 4-H club. They can meet at a local community center, member’s home, Extension office or other places that are convenient for them.

They can also go on educational travel experiences and workshops as they explore their sparks. They can also volunteer as leaders in their community and on military bases around the country.

4-H Enrichment Programs

Many counties offer enrichment programs, including science and agriculture projects. These short-term programs can introduce new youth to 4-H and move them toward club participation. They are also great ways to expose existing 4-H members, parents and volunteers to other programs.


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