April 16, 2023

The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits

the american journal of pharmacy benefits

The american journal of pharmacy benefits is a leading peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on the impact of formulary management strategies on the utilization, cost and quality of pharmacy services. It presents case studies, research and evidence-based tools to help decision makers develop clinical strategies to manage pharmacy benefits for large populations.

The journal is also recognized for its impact score which measures the yearly average number of citations to articles published in that journal. This is calculated based on Scopus data.

ISSN 21642494, 19454481

The h-index of this journal is 15. This is a measure of how many papers in a journal have been cited 15 or more times.

It is a ranking system that indicates how important a journal is to its readers. The higher the h-index, the more reputable and influential it is.

A journal's h-index is measured by taking into account the citation rate and productivity of its articles. The higher the h-index, and thus the more reputable it is, the more readers will be attracted to its articles.

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) is an indicator of how much of a difference the journal makes in the scientific community. This index is derived from the citation counts of all journals in a database.

The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits (AJPB) is a peer-reviewed journal under the American Journal of Managed Care network that provides pharmacists and pharmacy decision makers with the information they need to improve the efficiency and health outcomes in managing pharmaceutical care. It also helps PBMs, health plans, hospitals and employers find solutions that maximize medication usage, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.


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