September 16, 2022

The 6 Phase Meditation: Reflection and Clarity

The 6 Phase Meditation

So you want to get into meditation, but you don’t quite know where to begin? We all have an idea or concept of what we think meditation is. And why it’s used. But we might not realize that there's so many different types of meditations out there. Also, not everyone meditates for the purpose of ‘fixing yourself’ or ‘finding your purpose.’ Oftentimes, when we are feeling great is the exact time to meditate. The 6 Phase meditation is a belief that daily meditation can be reflective, beneficial, and life improving. It takes less than thirty minutes each day, and aims to get you to feel grateful and reflective of your life. It also works to enhance your own personal clarity and gratitude. There are exactly six phases, or steps when undergoing this meditation. Check out The 6 Phase Meditation below.


The 6 Phase Meditation

The first phase is connection. This first step focuses on getting you to connect, and understand your role in life, your community, and the people around you. It helps to tune you in. 

The second phase is gratitude. Connecting to yourself and your purpose is the first step, while feeling gratitude for your place and role in your life is the next step. It is important to not take your blessings for granted. It also works to keep you in the moment. By appreciating what we currently have, we don’t aim for the future or dwell in the past. 

The third phase is forgiveness. It is important to have gratitude, however sometimes it can be hard to be grateful if there are things that are negative in our lives. By focusing on forgiveness, you are able to let go of the hurt and sadness that you carry with you. It’s also taking your power back.

The fourth phase is visualizing. While the second phase works to keep you in the moment, this phase actually has you looking towards the future. You are able to manifest just what you want from life. It implores you to look three years into your future, and what you want that time to look like.

The fifth phase is daily intention. After we visualize our future, we’re back to focusing on the present. This phase wants you to set your intention for the day. It is a great tool for achieving what your goal for the day is. It holds you accountable.

The last phase, phase 6, is blessing. After the previous five phases are completed, it’s important to take a moment and truly appreciate the blessing that is your life. 

The 6 Phase Meditation

Click here for a guided meditation video. 


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