April 3, 2024

The 4 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Stage 1: Emptiness/Unhappiness

Spiritual awakening typically starts with feelings of dissatisfaction or emptiness and the longing for something meaningful in your life - this could happen spontaneously, or it could be precipitated by something such as divorce, death of loved one, illness, major changes to career plans etc.

Stage 2: Exploration

At this point, it's time to experiment with various spiritual practices, teachings and beliefs until you find what feels authentic to you. While certain approaches might draw your interest more than others, remember to open yourself up to new perspectives until you find what resonates most deeply within.

Stage 3: Clarity and Enlightenment

At this point, you should begin to get a clearer sense of who you really are and your purpose. At the same time, however, old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you must also be let go of and this process may feel confusing or chaotic at times; you may experience spiritual awakening or moments of insight which bring a greater sense of clarity and understanding.

Stage 4: SurrenderING

In Stage 4, surrendering is the culmination of all your hard work; here, you must release yourself of false ego structures and beliefs that prevent you from reaching your truth. This might involve ending relationships that no longer serve you, releasing beliefs no longer valid, or just learning to let life's natural flow lead the way - eventually the result being joy, connection and an inner sense that your spiritual self is flourishing each moment of its own accord.


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