February 11, 2024

The 3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

At first, spiritual awakening often brings with it a sense of wonder and curiosity about your surroundings. Perhaps you notice more beauty in nature, hear birds chirp in response to flowers blooming nearby or witness an earthworm crawl across wet soil - these discoveries should all be celebrated and respected as part of life's journey. These first stages should always be honored as part of one's spiritual journey and honored whenever possible.

The second stage of spiritual awakening typically involves an overwhelming need to find more meaning in life, leading to an interest in seeking teachers, spiritual practices and beliefs that resonate with you. You might try exploring various teachers, spiritual practices or beliefs to see which one feels most aligned with you - this allows for increased personal exploration as well as practicing discernment so you can identify which elements truly serve your soul.

As you transition into the third stage of spiritual awakening, you become aware of a deeper energy which you connect with on a more profound level. This connection may manifest as feelings of inner peace, bliss or joy; or as more receptivity to signs from the Universe such as serendipity, deja vu and mystical experiences.

As you gain more information, it may become apparent that certain of your old beliefs no longer serve you; alternatively, new beliefs could arise that help create harmony and equilibrium in your life.


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