November 19, 2023

Tell Me What Makes You Sad

What makes you sad may seem like an odd question, but it can help pinpoint the root cause of your sadness. Whether you’re feeling blue about the recent political turmoil or an unfulfilled dream, being aware of your triggers can help you find a way to move through them.

Though researchers sometimes lump both sadness and anger under the umbrella term negative affect, they’re actually distinct emotions with different functions. Anger, for example, helps you respond to an injustice and often leads to action. Sadness, on the other hand, can help you process losses and come to terms with them.

Another aspect of sadness is its tendency to lead us backward or forward in time, says Kross. For instance, you might feel sad about past disappointments or the future loss of a valued relationship. This can make you feel like you’re going through emotional time travel, and it’s important to recognize this so you don’t get stuck in the past or overly anxious about the future.

In some cases, sadness is a sign of depression, which requires additional support and care. If you’re battling sadness that lasts more than two weeks or interferes with your daily functioning, see your primary care provider to discuss further treatment options.


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