March 19, 2023

Tarot Card Meditation

tarot meditation

Meditation is an important tool for learning to relax, focus, and connect with yourself. Most people associate meditation with sitting still, silently and trying to push all thoughts away from their mind, but there are other kinds of meditation that are easier to do, produce a more relaxed state of consciousness and allow you to focus on something other than your thoughts.

Tarot Card Meditation

Using Tarot cards as a meditative focus can be incredibly helpful. It allows you to concentrate on a specific thought or image and to still your mind while also opening your intuition.

How to Meditate with Tarot

The first step is to prepare yourself for meditation by drinking plenty of water, not eating too much or at all (avoid salty and fatty foods), wearing comfortable clothing, lighting a candle and burning incense if you like, and sitting in a chair that feels good to you. You can then begin focusing on your breath and relaxing from your toes to your head, as you enter a state of deep relaxation.

You may also want to use a quiet background music that suits you. You can even try playing a meditation soundtrack that helps you to achieve a calming, spiritual state.

Stepping Into the Image

One of the most simple and powerful ways to meditate with a card is to simply imagine that you are in that card’s landscape. This can be done anywhere, at any time, and the process will help you to gain insight into what that card might be telling you about your life.


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