March 24, 2024

Tantra Yoga - A Joyous Path That Leads to Happiness, Love, and Ecstasy

Tantra is an engaging tradition that recognizes all human activities as expressions of the Divine and encourages living a life devoted to it. Neither dogmatic nor anti-life or sexist in any way, Tantra offers a path toward happiness, love and ecstasy for its practitioners.

Though sexual energy plays an integral part of tantra practice, sexual encounters represent only about five percent. Tantra is about intimate connection; whether done alone to gain greater awareness of oneself and body energies or with partners for developing trust and breaking down barriers.

Tantric practices focus on cultivating the spiritual body, including its energy centers called chakras. This is achieved through chanting, visualization, and devotional practices such as mantra, yantras, and puja - each offering something unique in terms of ritualistic development: mantra is an ancient sound used to invoke deities; yantras provide geometric forms used for concentration and visualization while puja is active devotional worship of an entity of your choosing.

Scholars have suggested that tantra may be much older than initially believed. There is no agreement regarding which components define tantra yoga; many elements can also be found within other yoga traditions, for instance breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical postures are found both hatha and Kundalini yoga traditions. If you want to explore tantra yoga further, your best bet would be seeking out either Hatha or Kundalini classes and seeking out an experienced teacher.


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