January 23, 2024

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Experience deep empathy with the world around you and feel a deeper connection to nature, with an increased desire to give back or provide service - whether that is to the environment, animals, your local community or people in general. Unlock hidden intuition which was always present but often hidden under an inflated ego; experience deep serenity brought about by releasing old beliefs and habits while adopting a fresh new outlook on life.

As part of your spiritual awakening journey, you may question everything you believe. While this can be challenging at first, this process should ultimately help you open yourself up to more profound experiences and knowledge. Additionally, certain relationships and belief systems may need to be released to allow room for new enriching ones to enter your life.

Additionally, spiritual awakening journeys often cause people to become disconnected from the material world and move into states of deep detachment from it all. At such times, seeking guidance and support may help.

Signs of spiritual awakening include physical symptoms such as body shivering or trembling caused by energy moving through your system, awakening individuals often report having greater ability to connect with others and that their ego has softened as a result of becoming aware.


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