March 23, 2023

Surrender Meditation For Awakening Truth Seekers

surrender meditation

Surrender Meditation is a powerful and healing practice for awakening truth seekers who want to deepen into the ecstatic unfoldment of divine love. It combines the power of prayer with the wisdom of letting go to bring you into union, releasing all your unfulfilled desires for romance and sexual attraction.

The meditation begins with a prayer to God or whatever is Divine to you. There are many styles of this prayer but the essence is that you give over the entire process to the divine energies so that they can work their magic on your behalf.

After this, you are free to allow anything to happen naturally, or not at all, based on what the energy is calling for and how it wants to do it. If sleep occurs, then that is perfectly okay.

This is a gentle practice of letting go of the ego so that it can be quieted and listened to. It interrupts the frantic grasping and rejection of the separate self that often arises when we are in a state of striving or trying to change ourselves.

When the ego relaxes, it is a great relief from all that negative commentary it has been making in your mind and heart. This meditation also helps you release those feelings of dread and anxiety, allowing you to experience the beauty of divine Grace in a state of ecstatic bliss.

As you become more and more familiar with this meditation, you will be able to meet the transformation crisis that occurs from time to time on the Enlightenment Intensive and other workshops. These are strong releases of life energy that have built up through willful practices and austerities. They can be a challenge to come back to earth from, but they are a part of the journey.


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