October 18, 2022

Supplements That Can Relieve Symptoms During Breast Cancer Treatment

One of the most common types of cancer, particularly in women, breast cancer is fortunately much more treatable now than it was only a decade or so ago. However, while you are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, it is likely you won't be feeling very good along the way. To help relieve symptoms related to your breast cancer treatment, here are some common supplements that you and your doctor may agree are safe for you to take.


Perhaps one of the most important supplements you can take while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, calcium can make a big difference in how you feel during and after your treatment. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, one side effect will be your bones becoming increasingly weak. By taking a calcium supplement that also contains Vitamin D, you can keep your bones stronger and healthier. In doing so, you reduce the risk of fractures or breaks, which will only make life that much harder. This is a great pre-emptive supplement that will continue to help your quality of life even after your treatment is over.


While you may have taken probiotics to help primarily with your digestive health, your doctor may also recommend you use these supplements as part of your breast cancer treatment. Probiotics are excellent supplements for improving your body's immune system, which will be weakened due to cancer. They are also proven to have anti-inflammatory effects on your body, which can help to provide additional protection against cancer. Another side effect that may be relieved by probiotics is constipation. Probiotics are shown to be effective in maintaining regular bowel movements, which will certainly help you feel more comfortable throughout the course of your treatment.


As you are undergoing various types of cancer treatment, it is only natural to not have a good appetite. Thus, you may find yourself not eating as much as usual, or possibly eating different foods that may not be considered very healthy. To help offset this, expect your doctor to recommend you take a multivitamin each day. Doing so will ensure your body receives its daily amount of essential vitamins and minerals. While you should strive to continue eating a well-balanced diet, this will help in the event that you’re unable to force yourself to do so.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an incredibly important supplement to take, regardless of whether you’re going through breast cancer treatment. Most people in the northern hemisphere are deficient in vitamin D, which contributes to seasonal depression and even clinical depression or anxiety. There have been some studies suggesting that, specifically, women with breast cancer are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D. However, more studies need to be done as this wasn’t entirely conclusive. Regardless, it definitely won’t hurt to take it as long as your doctor approves.

Coenzyme Q10

More than likely, you have seen television commercials for Coenzyme q10, commonly referred to as CoQ10. If so, you may want to talk to your doctor about adding this supplement to your treatment plan for a variety of reasons. First, researchers believe CoQ10 may help in preventing the recurrence of certain types of cancer. Along with this, CoQ10 can also help keep your immune system strong, and possibly help protect your cardiovascular system from side effects associated with cancer treatment.

If you talk with your doctor about these supplements and how they may help you during your cancer treatment, you may find there are more options available than you imagined that can make your cancer treatment a bit easier. Always be upfront and honest with your provider about the supplements you are taking and never start any new supplements without your doctor’s approval.


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