September 9, 2022

Style Your Bracelets The Right Way

Bracelets are the best way to accentuate your wrists. This jewellery is timeless and has been worn by generations to signify different things. Bracelets initially started off as an accessory worn by men in war, and slowly transformed to a fashion accessory.

Bracelets are the perfect way to add sparkle to your outfit. They add flirtiness to the whole look, while still looking sophisticated and elegant. Bracelets go well with any outfit, and can be worn for any occasion. These versatile pieces are understated and gorgeous, adding instant oomph to any outfit. These are feminine pieces of jewellery that bring daintiness and grace to the wearer.

Most outfits are incomplete without the right kind of bracelet. Bracelets can make or break a look, and need to be styled with utmost care. Here are our tips on how you can style your bracelet in the best possible way.

Choose an right size

While choosing a bracelet it’s important to keep in mind the size of your wrist and the size of the bracelet. If you have smaller wrists, wearing a chunky bracelet will not suit you, and will make your wrist look very awkward. The bracelet should fit just right on your wrist, nothing too tight or too loose. This can throw off the appeal of not only the bracelet but also the entire outfit. You should also ensure the size is right as it’ll help you choose a bracelet that’s comfortable. And we all know, everyone looks and feels their best when they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing.

What’s the length of your sleeve?

The second thing to consider while style your bracelet is the length of the sleeve of the clothes you’re going to wear. If you’re wearing something that’s long-sleeved, the bracelet is going to be hidden, and have no effect on the outfit whatsoever. You should wear a necklace or earrings if your top has long sleeves. If you’re wearing short sleeves, or sleeveless clothes, you can wear a classic bracelet or even a couple of them together to give the outfit a more fun look.

Mix n match

The third tip to styling your bracelets right is to not be afraid to mix and match them. You can wear bracelets with different accents on them, different colours and materials if they look good together. This adds a very chic look to the outfit while still making it fun and effortless. But the one thing you shouldn’t mix is metal bracelets with each other as they’ll clash, and it’ll throw off the look of the entire outfit. Mixing and matching is an art, and make sure you get second opinions about how you’re wearing your bracelets.

Stack it up

Bracelets are a very lively and fun accessory, and should be treated as such. You can stack up bracelets to emphasise the wrists. While stacking your bracelets, be careful of how each bracelet looks and how well they pair together. You should stack up three to four bracelets at the most, anything more than that will ruin the look of the outfit. Over stacking your bracelets looks uninspiring and can draw attention away from you to only and only the bracelets.

Consider the occasion

Bracelets can make or break a look, and when you're wearing them, you must ensure it suits the occasion. You can wear beaded bracelets or more casual bracelets to the beach or to brunch, and it will be the perfect accessory. If you’re going to work wearing a bracelet, choose a single bracelet that’s classy and will add to the outfit. If you’re going for a party or an event, wear a bracelet that is studded and sparkly to add glam to your outfit. For formal events, less is always more, and you need to style your bracelets in the same way.

We hope these tips help you style your bracelets well, and in a way that enhances the outfit and you. Bracelets are a fun accessory and you don’t have to worry too much when it comes to accessorising them perfectly. You can play around with them and try different styles and colours. You can check out gorgeous bracelets on Blingvine, whether you want them for everyday wear or for special occasions.


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