March 23, 2023

Stoic Meditation

stoic meditation

Meditation is a way of training the mind to be clear and objective, regardless of the ups and downs of life. Classic Stoic meditation is not meant to be a quieting of one’s thoughts but rather an exercise in observing life as it is, not through overly positive or negative glasses.


Many philosophers and Stoic sages kept a personal journal of their thoughts. In this way, the thoughts and discoveries could be revisited in the future. This is an important aspect of Stoic practice, because it allows you to see your own development over time and make connections between the lessons you learn in meditation and the rest of your life.

Praemeditatio malorum

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who embraced the Stoic philosophy, often practiced premeditation of adversity in his daily life. This exercise is a powerful tool for maintaining Stoic objectivity and indifference, as well as a love of fate.

Writing is another way to train the mind, and was an essential component of Marcus Aurelius’s meditation practice. In his famous text Meditations, he repeatedly wrote about key philosophical ideas so that they would stay in his memory.

If you want to develop a more Stoic outlook, it is crucial that you consistently work on the skills you are trying to build. This is why I created these morning meditations to check in on your progress and help you set good intentions for the day, gain perspective half-way through and calmly reflect at the end.


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