July 9, 2022

Stargazing Meditation: Emotional Healing

Stargazing Meditation

There is something so peaceful about staring up at the night sky, full of stars. Beautiful, tiny, glimmering objects that are so far beyond our reach. We can’t help but stare at them and even make wishes on them. We even name them in honor of a loved one. This is why there is not only meditation but also a beauty project dedicated to the act of stargazing. Check out the Stargazing Meditation below.

Stargazing Meditation


Stargazing has been around since before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. There is a terrific stargazing meditation, that focuses on healing. It’s perfect for healing your broken heart, from either a loss of a relationship or broken trust in general. It is aimed at emotional struggles, that then lead to self-doubt. 

During the Stargazing meditation, you quite literally feel like you are floating in the clouds. You go from standing on the earth, staring at something so magical and so far away, to feeling as if you are right next to it. Becoming it equally. It is a way for your soul to embark on a spiritual journey of healing. You are able to release anxiety, emotional loss of betrayal, and even insecurities.

Stargazing has become so popular, in fact, that Bath & Body Works created a product for it. It is an aromatherapy body wash, called Stargazing Meditation. It has a scent of Bergamot, Patchouli and vetiver. This body wash has fast become a best seller. 


Stargazing Meditation

Anthony Williams is known as the Medical Medium. He is a medium, that focuses on offering medical and health advice from information that he receives from spirits. He even has his own podcast. Anthony has been a longtime advocate of Stargazing Meditation.

Check out a video here. 


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