January 27, 2024

Sri Yantra - A Key Element in Awakening the Core Energy

Sri yantra offers hope and healing in today's world of increased stress, depression and lack of peace and joy. As a spiritual symbol that symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine divine energy, its geometric forms stimulate human bodies by stimulating resonance within us to awaken core energy within.

Yantras are geometric diagrams with precise dimensions and arrangements of triangles, circles, lines and petals in precise dimensions and arrangements. Each geometric shape carries spiritual significance and power that yoga and tantra utilize yantras for. When focused upon, these yantras draw and transmit positive vibrations with great success.


A yantra's power lies in its geometric patterns and their relationship to specific sounds or syllables known as seed mantras or bija mantras, known as seed or bija mantras. A yantra can also be charged with its own mantra for additional power - in this way resulting in powerful synergy between itself and its charged mantra(s).

Each of a yantra's outer circuits of ten triangles represent different aspects of prana (pranic energy) such as breathing, speaking, movement, grasping, release, attraction and equanimity; while its inner circle of eight lotus petals represents various siddhis or yogic powers such as equanimity, honesty, enlightenment and transcendence.

Bindu is the central point of a yantra that symbolizes both male and female energies; it serves as both the source and symbol for universal consciousness.


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