April 3, 2024

Spiritual Living - What Is Spirituality?

Spiritual living is a journey of self-discovery and evolution. Finding your own connection to Krewe may take different paths for different people, but the journey always starts by tapping into your soul. There is no one-size-fits-all way of connecting with the divine; just do whatever feels right to you; praying or meditating may work well; alternatively going for a hike or sitting by the beach may do just as well if that helps keep your connection strong with Krewe. Getting in tune with yourself spiritual journey can guide your soul all along your spiritual journey journey!

Spiritual is often defined as the invisible aspects of life; for instance, wind and air may not be visible to our naked eyes but nonetheless exist as real entities with substance. Spirit beings exist too and this explains why even nonbelievers often identify with spiritual beings as they exist despite not adhering to any particular faith system or religion.

Many millennials define spirituality as the act of turning inward to oneself or paying attention to one's inner life. According to them, modern Western culture often puts emphasis on outward achievements at the expense of its less tangible aspects of existence.

An expansive process definition of spirituality can assist clients to adopt a more expansive perspective regarding their conflicting parts, and embrace more life affirming aspects. For example, one client who brought aspects from both her Christian mother and agnostic father were able to integrate life-giving parts from each while rejecting those which weren't. This reduced internal conflict and made her feel more whole.


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