March 10, 2024

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth occurs when disciples of Jesus take steps to become more like Him and can discern good from evil. This journey can be difficult and will likely require help from others, such as a mentor and support group for fellow travellers (see next section). Accepting responsibility when things go wrong takes courage; admitting when mistakes have been made can be hard-hitting but rewarding over time as it shows its results through tangible fruit in your daily life and fruit that your efforts produce.

Glimpses of your true self emerge daily through experiences of higher consciousness, including love, compassion, empathy, beauty, truth, creativity insight and bliss. These threshold experiences mark a transition beyond an active mind to more expansive awareness that allows space for growth.

Service and Leadership marks a transition from Stage Three's more introspective focus into an outward-focused phase focused on meeting others' needs and improving our environment. It involves deeper involvement with ministries of caring or administration, evangelism, justice and healing; furthermore it promotes an ecumenical viewpoint of Christianity as well.

No single path exists for spiritual maturity; any suggestion that such an outcome exists would contradict Scripture and the experience of many disciples. Instead, scripture depicts nonlinear development wherein some areas progress while other areas regress or return backward.


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