August 9, 2022

Spiritual Development: 4 Steps to Accepting Universal and Heavenly Change

When we examine the very nature of our life, we frequently come across the concept of spiritual development. In truth, humans are among the fortunate beings on this planet to experience change and spiritual progress. The significance of who we are and why we are here is never static, like trees that grow and blossom. Instead, it is intended to be colorful.

After all, we are the artists of our existence, waiting to fill the blank canvas with pictures and ideas we wish to realize. As a result, to pursue one's existence, we must transcend our animalistic tendencies. Looking for food, earning enough money, wanting shelter, and having wants for pleasure are non-exclusive.

We instead share them with lesser entities such as animals. But are these the only things that exist in the limited time we have in this world? If you answered no, perhaps you are worthy of this spiritual development journey. After all, you can only embark on this road of self-discovery if (and only if) you desire it. Are you ready to embark on this path to spiritual development?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Spiritual Development: Expanding your consciousness
  • Finding out your Raison d’Etre when it comes to change
  • Learning how to ask life’s most significant questions
  • Discovering meaning in many things and living in the moment

Steps to Accepting Universal and Heavenly Change

#1: Expand Your Consciousness

The desire to continually learn new things is the key to approaching your spiritual development. Your entire approach may become stagnant when you stick to the same old techniques. For example, if you are very focused on crystal healing, you are likely to become proficient in it, even to the point of being able to teach others.

However, focusing solely on one exercise prevents you from seeing the significance of others. In this situation, you won't be able to see how crystal healing can be applied to various pertinent spiritual practices, such as chakra meditation and reiki healing. While you may have mastered the art of crystal healing, your application may be limited due to a lack of perspective rather than a lack of competence.

As a result, the goal of this post is to make you aware that spiritual development is never a straight line. Instead, those minor detours and U-turns are an integral part of the voyage. To advance your spiritual development effectively, you must have an inner desire to go deeper. And this can happen if and only if you want to grow spiritually.

Any reservations about new practices will be alleviated when you realize that expanding one's horizon necessitates accepting new bounds. You’ll find that the 1119 angel number relates to this.

#2: Find your Raison d’Etre?

The word raison d'être, which translates to "purpose for living," is popular among existentialist and phenomenology philosophers. It is the core of our human existence. Knowing your reason for living allows you to become "alive" rather than just living. After all, living implies that your mortal shell is still alive and that you are still here and now.

In most circumstances, though, many of us are physically present yet mentally absent. What brings you here? What motivates you to come forward? What motivates you to go further? Knowing your reason for living is central to your being. As you discover your "why" in life, you'll be able to anticipate practically all of life's problems.

"He who has the why to live can bear with practically everything," Friedrich Nietzsche once said. Thus, even if strong gusts and huge waves threaten to stop your rowing boat, your sheer drive and determination will propel you forward. Knowing your 'why' will transfer into your flame as you progress spiritually. Though you may experience absurd occasions in spirituality, such grounding will give you a foundation to depend on.

#3: Ask Life’s most significant questions

Our sense of significance and spiritual awakening are frequently jeopardized in a world where we are partially slaves to the system. It is nearly impossible to escape once we become stuck within our technologies. It would take a miracle to get through the abundance of insignificant but reliable resources. For example, when we surrender to the convenience of technology, we enable it to shape our lives.

We use a pre-cooked set of ingredients instead of preparing our own. As a result, we believe we are saving time, but are we? It takes a lot of guts to pose a comparable inquiry. After all, doing so involves separating yourself from the crowd, from the safe and familiar. However, if you decide to break your repetitive existence, you will see an immense horizon ahead of you.

By asking the great questions in life, you permit yourself to go on a journey rather than being a passive passenger. When we look at someone serious about life's questions, we see them flourish. That is not because they are more skilled or gifted than we are. No, they are the same people, with flesh that will rot and decay one day.

But, if we look closely, what distinguishes them is their pursuit of life's most pressing concerns. Is there an afterlife? What is the significance of my existence? Where am I going? They've changed their lives in ways that go beyond our superficial interests by pondering these big questions. As a result, it is easier for individuals to grow spiritually and develop their spiritual sense of self.

#4: Discover meaning in things and live in the moment

We forget that things have meaning when too focused on the end objective. Because we're linked to what we want, it's hard to go forward, especially when something is useless. At 48, you decide to resume piano lessons. Is it still time to do so? Should you rethink? If you simply consider the practical use of things (as our world quietly teaches), you'd probably give up on the piano before you even started.

If you understand the meaning of such an endeavor, you'll see beyond practical worth. You'll be able to express yourself in ways you never imagined when you master the piano. By seeing purpose, you appreciate life more. Finding your significance instead of seeking external affirmation is liberation. You'll be freer than someone who can afford everything yet is confined in their tiny universe.

Living in the moment is another crucial aspect of success. Living in the moment helps you incorporate the other virtues. After reading this, you may wonder if it's okay to "live for the now." Living in the moment translates to YOLO, or You Only Live Once. People's interpretations of this acronym were, well, shallow.

People misinterpreted this sentence as "I needn't worry about tomorrow." Also, people use this to rationalize drinking or gambling splurges. Because they claim "we only live once," they lose perspective. A poor or dumb interpretation. Living in the now means giving it your all every time. By knowing yourself, seeking your purpose, and holding to it, you may live in the moment.

Final Word:

Spiritual Development entails unlocking your spiritual depths and having an improved life awareness. It is crucial to consider the aspects of spiritual development when you decide to embark on this journey.

What aspect of spiritual development is the most important to you?Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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