March 12, 2024

Spiritual Cleansing For a Healthy Vibration

Spiritual cleansing is an invaluable way to maintain a healthy vibration and clear out your energetic field, whether through practices such as smudging, taking a salt bath or meditating. Spiritual cleansing is especially useful for intuitive or empathic individuals who may pick up on other people's energies and fall into negative patterns that inhibit growth and happiness.

Spiritual cleansing can help you release toxic relationships, mend emotional wounds and overcome negativity that's keeping you back. Furthermore, it can enhance your relationship with your higher self and facilitate greater alignment with the soul's purpose.

Start your spiritual cleansing off right by setting clear intentions. Determine what needs to go out while also considering what might come in. This will provide focus and direct energy throughout the process.

Your spiritual cleanse can take many forms, from smudging and meditation, to healing salt baths or journaling. Whatever method you choose, stay present and engaged in each aspect of the practice you select; practicing mindfulness allows you to stay focused on positive aspects while visualizing negative energy leaving your body or space.

One effective spiritual cleansing practice is taking a bath using moon-charged water. Fill a tub with this cleansing bathwater, add sage or palo santo leaves, and take time to focus on any negative energy that needs releasing into it; allow it to absorb it through plant matter as you soak. At the end of your soak time, thank mother earth for accepting and dispelling it from you as you release this negativity and thank her for healing your spirit!


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