April 17, 2023

Spiritual Benefits of Mustard Seed

spiritual benefits of mustard seed

Spiritual Benefits of Mustard Seed

When you see mustard seeds in your dreams it is a sign that something good will happen in the future for you. It can be an indication that you will make it big in your career or that you will be able to achieve the success you deserve.

It is also a great herb for protecting yourself against negative energy and spirits, especially those who are trying to harm you. You can sprinkle it around your home to keep unwanted and harmful spirits out of your space.

In Theravada Buddhism the mustard seed is a symbol of faith and obedience. It is said that if you have mustard-seed faith, then God can bring you back to life.

Similarly the Kingdom of God is seen as being like mustard seed which starts small, grows rapidly and spreads everywhere by the wind of the Spirit. It is a force of the Holy Spirit that upsets the power structures of this world (Ezekiel 17:10), disrupts the established order of evil and oppression and casts it into the sea (Daniel 2:2).

The Kingdom is always counter-cultural to some extent. It disrupts the powers of wickedness that control governments, religions and business operations in this world.

Mustard-seed ministry starts with’mustard-seed faith’ which is faith that nothing is impossible with God and that He can do what He says He will do! It is a faith that does not move in the flesh but relies on the word of God and prayer.


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